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The Art of Derek Dohren

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Light at the End of the Tunnel

Posted on November 2, 2009 at 4:51 AM

Week four and a glimmer of hope. We've just sat a long dreaded grammar exam, our student profile work is done (for most of us) and we only have one, maybe two classes left to teach. There is a feeling of pressure lifting a little and thoughts are beginning to turn to post-course life. Dare I say I'm even getting fed up with tapas and am having wistful thoughts of fish and chips and pots of tea.


We're still basking in glorious summer temperatures here. It was in the high 20s most of last week. This time next week I'll be basking under slate grey skies with my overcoat on. It's hard to believe as I glance out of the window of our whitewashed old town apartment and focus on the cactus plants staring back, that it's Christmas next month.


Apparently an Indian summer of this quality and duration is unusual, even for Andalusia. The cold weather we had during our second week was merely a temporary blip. Even the snow on the Sierras appears to have vanished.


One irritation is that I fly back home the morning after the course finishes. I was a bit short sighted with that lack of planning and should have stayed on a day or two, just to unwind and to have a few beers with the rest of the crew.


I'm envious of the ones staying for a few months. Five of the girls have got themselves a flat and look to have good prospects of getting work. One of the guys is staying on too. At least I'll be able to pass on some of the stuff I've accumulated - not least my really bad travel iron which wasn't worth anywhere near the 15 Euros I paid for it. One of the girls may want it as a doorstop in the new flat.



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