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The Art of Derek Dohren

painting, writing, photography




Posted on October 12, 2009 at 12:49 PM

Date - Monday Oct 12th

Location - ( still Granada - til further notice )

Local Time - 18:55


What a tough first day! It's been made clear to us how much work we have in front of us during the next four weeks. I suffered half of it on an empty stomach too. I didn't get to the apartments until after 21:00 last night and hadn't eaten for about 6 hours. I then had to endure the first few hours of induction ths morning with no breakfast.


Anyway that little problema got fixed by midday ( Spanish omelette sandwich anyone? ).




It is so hot. Temperatures must have been in the 80s today in the Albaycin area. All those whitewashed buildings and little suntraps. I nearly melted this afternoon as we filed out for an elongated break.


I glimpse the Alhambra on a regular basis too. It peers seductively over red tiled rooftops, barely half a mile away. It's tantalising.


Hang on - massive gunfire is ringing out. It's a national Spanish holiday today and I guess it's all part of the fun. I can now see plumes of white smoke rising some distance from my open shutters.


Ha, it's stopped.


My thoughts are turning to the artistic delights that await. This town's a cultural hot spot. I need to get on top of my course work from day one ( er, that's today ) so I can winkle some leisure time.


Anyway I leave you with yesterday's overriding treat - a shot of Madrid's Barajas airport terminal 4, and architectural wonder. It made a long journey almost enjoyable...



Ok I guess the picture upload didn't work.


Never mind. I'm going out for some early evening sunshine.







Categories: Granada 2009