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The Art of Derek Dohren

painting, writing, photography


still lifes still lifes Boiling Kettle "Boiling Kettle" Acrylics on paper. 18inches by 14inches, framed. available for 150 pounds (UK only). 15735635 Still Life with Pineapple "Still Life with Pineapple" Acrylic on paper, 29cm x 21cm. available on offer. 72402791 Still Life With Candle (after Kandinsky) "Still Life With Candle (after Kandinsky)" Acrylic on canvas, 44cm x 30cm available for sale, �150 or 175 Euros 124701165 Still Life in Red, Blue and Yellow "Still Life in Red, Blue and Yellow" Acrylic on paper, 42cm x 29cm available for sale, �150 or 200 Euros 193719089