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The Art of Derek Dohren

painting, writing, photography


abstracts abstracts Untitled1 "Untitled1" Acrylic on canvas board, A3 available for 100 pounds (UK only). 37955713 Vibrato "Vibrato" Original acrylic on box canvas, 75cm x 100cm. sold. Painted during an abstract painting retreat in Gardenstown on Scotland's Moray Firth. I had gone to the beach to sit and eat my lunch and I watched a heron stalk for food among the rock pools. After a few minutes it straightened up and swooped past me on its way back up to the cliffs. When I got back to the studio I painted this abstract in a single session. That night I took home a biography of the abstract artist Patrick Heron whose work was striking a chord with me. It was only then that I made a connection with his name and my lunchtime wildlife encounter. It also struck me that my painting had certain heron-like shapes contained in its form. Unofficially I began to call it my 'Two Herons' painting though I leave the analysis of 'what it is' to you the viewer. Rotate it round, turn it upside down if you want. High quality prints available via the 'prints' link. 36861180 Flirt "Flirt" Acrylic on canvas, 75cm x 100cm sold. 192680561 Suspense "Suspense" Original acrylic on canvas board, 60cm x 85cm available for 250 pounds (UK only). The third of my Gardenstown abstracts. I tried to incorporate the colours in the background and make them part of the foreground shapes rather than have it as a separate backdrop as in the previous canvases. 36861182 Across the Bay "Across the Bay" Gardenstown, Moray Firth available on offer (UK only). 5859250 Lanark "Lanark" Original acrylic on canvas, 28cm x 40cm, framed. sold. 9667053 Klondike "Klondike" Acrylic on paper, 50cm x 40cm for sale. 192680513 Eclipse "Eclipse" Acrylic on boxed canvas, 40cm x 40cm available on offer (UK only). 60014074 Walk to Freedom "Walk to Freedom" Mixed media, acrylic and collage. Boxed canvas, 40cm x 40cm. sold. 60366107 Dream "Dream" Acrylic on boxed canvas. 40cm x 40cm sold. 192680701 Spongey Bark "Spongey Bark" Acrylic on boxed canvas, 40cm x 40cm sold. 60014075 Glow "Glow" Acrylic on boxed canvas, 40cm x 40cm sold. 61351674 Night Forest "Night Forest" Acrylic on boxed canvas, 40cm x 40cm. sold. The Dumfries and Galloway forest in south-west Scotland has just been designated Britain's first dark sky park. I imagine it must be a pretty special place to visit at night time and it got me thinking... 192680938 The Night They Won the World Cup "The Night They Won the World Cup" Acrylic on paper, A4 for sale. 192680766 La Zubia 2010 "La Zubia 2010" Acylic on paper, 21cm x 15cm sold. 75313394 Extinction "Extinction" Acrylic on paper 40cm x 30cm for sale 177863515 The Ecstasy of Gold "The Ecstasy of Gold" Acrylic on paper 40cm x 30cm for sale 177863516 Suenos de Lanzarote "Suenos de Lanzarote" acrilico sobre papel 42cm x 29cm 195259542 Scrimmage "Scrimmage" "La Pelea" acrilico sobre lienzo 50cm x 50cm 195705106 Full Moon Rising "Full Moon Rising" acrylic on canvas 50cm x 60cm 300 euros 198069870 Walking in my Shoes "Walking in my Shoes" acrylic on canvas 70cm x 50cm sold 198877587 Una Raya de Amarilla "una raya de amarilla" a yellow stripe acrylic on canvas 90cm x 60cm 300 euros 198877927 In Spiritus "In Spiritus" acrylic on canvas 50cm x 70cm 203135505 Sometimes I Forget That We're Supposed to be In Love "Sometimes I forget That We're Supposed to be In Love" acrylic on canvas 60cm x 50cm 203135582 Fugaz "Fugaz" acrylic on canvas 65cm x 50cm 203135508 At the Barranco de Huenes "At the Barranco de Huenes" acrylic on canvas 60cm x 90cm 203961474 Lokeridge "Lokeridge" acrylic on board 40cm x 30xm 204282722 Crop Circle "Crop Circle" acrylic on board 60cm x 40xm 204282731 Change "Change" mixed media on canvas board 16 inches x 12 inches 205975734